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Need a Go Bag?

Traveling overseas? Check with Alaska Medical Missions if the area you are traveling to is in need of medical supplies that you might take with you as a checked bag. The AMM Go-Bags are pre-packed suitcases or duffel bags filled with medical supplies and/or equipment weighing 50 pounds or less to take with you in support of health workers, clinics and hospitals in the region you are traveling.

“The surplus from our health system could be used to heal patients and help physicians in the poorest, most desperate parts of the world. The problem is gathering it together and getting it to where it’s needed.” In the United States each year, fully functional medical items valued at more than $200 million are directed to landfills or incinerators. At the same time, over 1.2 billion people in the world live on $1 a day. Hundreds of millions suffer from chronic hunger and a severe lack of medical supplies. (Source: The American Medical Association)

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We are celebrating 20 years this 2019! What an abundance God has provided us and we are gathering to celebrate this prosperity and raise funds to continue our mission of serving WITH others!

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