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OUR MISSION: Motivated by the love of Christ, Alaska Medical Missions provides medical resources and professional support to communities in need around the world.

OUR VALUES: Compassion • Integrity • Service • Stewardship

OUR METHOD: Alaska Medical Mission receives donations of fully functioning medical supplies and equipment from a number of sources, including hospitals, manufacturers, private medical facilities and individuals. A largely volunteer labor force collects, inventories and stages donated items in a warehouse facility, after which they are distributed by individuals, groups, and organizations with humanitarian and compassionate concerns for communities in need around the world.

“The surplus from our health system could be used to heal patients and help physicians in the poorest, most desperate parts of the world. The problem is gathering it together and getting it to where it’s needed.” In the United States each year, fully functional medical items valued at more than $200 million are directed to landfills or incinerators. At the same time, over 1.2 billion people in the world live on $1 a day. Hundreds of millions suffer from chronic hunger and a severe lack of medical supplies. (Source: The American Medical Association)

Since 1999 Alaska Medical Missions has sent over 1000 shipments of medical supplies and other humanitarian aid to more than 90 countries all over the world – responding to the needs of people all around the world by serving with others to bring over $14,000,000 worth of much needed aid to the nations – preventing illness and saving lives in developing countries from here in Alaska. Changing lives through the power of compassion and sharing our abundance with those in need, Alaska Medical Missions is helping to bring aid to the nations.

We are celebrating 20 years this 2019! What an abundance God has provided us and we are gathering to celebrate this prosperity and raise funds to continue our mission of serving WITH others!

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