Alaska Medical Missions helps connect health resources in the United States – especially in Alaska – with urgent needs for medical supplies and other aid in developing areas all over the world through an extensive medical supply and equipment recycling program. AMM receives donations of fully functioning medical supplies and equipment from a number of sources, including military hospitals, manufacturers, private medical facilities and individuals. A volunteer labor force collects, inventories and stages donated items in our staging facility, after which they are distributed by short-term humanitarian teams, youth groups, medical professionals, career missionaries and other individuals traveling from Alaska to impoverished countries.

AMM’s Mission: Motivated by the love of Christ, Alaska Medical Missions provides medical resources and professional support to communities in need around the world.

The following information is required by AMM before a donation of medical supplies or equipment can be provided to you or your organization. The answers to the following questions will provide us with an overview of your working situation and allow us to respond in the most appropriate way possible. Once you have completed and submitted the application, it will go through an internal review process and AMM will determine if we are able to assist your program/mission and to what extent. We ask that you allow 1-3 weeks from date of submission for processing of the application.

You may complete the Medical Supplies and Equipment Request Form online or print it by clicking here: AMM Product Request Form

If you choose the offline option, once the application is complete, please send along with supporting material to:

Alaska Medical Missions
Attention: Dave Kuiper
1805 Academy Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Fax: (907) 522-7201

Medical Supplies and Equipment Request

  • Your Contact Information

  • About Your Organization

  • Please Provide Two References

  • Facility or Organization Contact Information

    Name and contact information of the facility or organization which will be the recipient of donation.
  • Donation Details

  • ProductQuantityExpiry 
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    • Please give the names of the products, quantities requested, and expiry requirements.
    • Please provide information on any other requirements for product donations.
  • In order to receive a donation of AMM medicines and medical supplies you must acknowledge your agreement to comply with the following terms and conditions by reading each statement and signing your initials in the space provided.

  • Most recipients of products provided by AMM pick them up from our staging facility in Anchorage, Alaska. AMM does not normally provide shipping. However, arrangements can be made for this service with all costs associated with such service and AMM related administrative expenses to be paid for by the applicant. These arrangements are to be made additionally and separately from this application process with the staff of AMM.

  • AMM provides an itemized list of donated products and a letter of donation for each shipment. Does AMM need to provide any other documents to ensure delivery of medicines into the country?